After having supported two Les Gets charities during the first edition with more than €10,000 in donations (Pierrot Colonge – Mountain Brothers and The Ellie Soutter Foundation), Alambike had the joy of donating 18,727 euros to the association “À chacun Son Everest!“ during the second event. For this 2023 edition, Bich’Rett 74 charity will be put forward by the bikoeurs.

The association supports little girls suffering from Rett syndrome, a neuro-developmental disease that leads to motor and mental disabilities. The leading cause of poly-handicap in the world among women, this disease leads to heavy dependability and also weighs morally and financially on the families affected. Find all the news of the association on their facebook page.

Focus on Rett Syndrome

Rett syndrome is a rare genetic disease that develops in very young children, mainly girls, and causes mental disability and severe motor impairment. Affected girls lose language, only 20% of patients keep walking and almost all need equipment: chairs, corsets, splints, standers… To date, there is no curative treatment. Management is based on daily multi-disciplinary rehabilitation and the specific treatment of certain symptoms of the disease (osteoporosis, epilepsy, scoliosis, ventilatory issues…)

A baby girl is born with Rett Syndrome every 5 hours worldwide. But most people have never heard of it, have you ?

Maelyne, the inspiration of Bich’Rett 74

At the origin of the creation of the association in 2018, the diagnosis of the pathology in little Maelyne, now 9 years old. Since then, the association’s volunteers have worked tirelessly and multiplied the actions: Christmas markets, disability day, charity sporting events, etc. Their objective ? Allow little girls with Rett syndrome to live in better conditions by providing financial and material support to families but also contribute to the support of research through donations to the AFSR (Association française du Syndrome de Rett).

“Their eyes speak, I’m sure they understand everything but can’t do anything with that understanding. They are very sensitive to love, there are many mysteries, one of them is in their eyes” Andreas Rett.

More info

Association created in 2018
Accompaniment of little girls affected by Rett syndrome
Financial support to the AFSR (French Association of Rett Syndrome)