After supporting two associations from Les Gets (Pierrot Colonge – Mountain Brothers & Ellie Soutter Foundation) with over 10 000€ donations during the first Edition, the Wetzayers are happy to support the association called “À Chacun son Everest !” (translated: To Each his Everest) for the second edition of the Alambike!

The association supports children suffering from cancer or leukemia and women in remission from breast cancer by helping them to face the delicate “post cancer” phase. You’ll find all information and news about the association on their website and can also start now to make donation.

“À Chacun son Everest!”: association created in 1994

Because the ordeal of cancer, the pain and the inevitable fears are real traumas, this phase is an essential step in the healing process. All the meaning of the mission of “À Chacun son Everest!” is there: helping patients in remission to find that famous second breath, the one that allows them to overcome the ordeal of the disease, to regain self-esteem, confidence, the desire to live and restore strength to the person sick so that it becomes an actor of his health.

The association has been supporting children and young adults since 1994, and opened stays dedicated to women in 2011.

À Chacun son Everest

Supporting the post-cancer phase

The Association is based on the strength of the symbolic parallel between the difficulty of the ascent of a summit and the one of a healing path. Each year, about 6 weeks of camp for children and 24 weeks of stays for women are organized in Chamonix. The stays are supervised by a team of volunteers (caregivers, coaches, kids’ animators…) and adapted according to the participants (children or women).

Kids and women are welcomed in Chamonix in warm house for a week. Stays are fully paid for by the association.

À Chacun son Everest

More info

– 4 676 children welcomed (341 camps) since 1994
– 1577 women welcomed (132 stays) since 2011
– Recognized as public utility
– Approved by the french ministry of sports, youth popular education and associative life
– Committee Member of the charter of the giving in confidence
– Labeled as part of the Cancer plan