Put your team together and join the community of biKOEURS (big-hearted bikers) for the second edition of Alambike: a 24-hour mountain bike relay on Les Gets’ iconic cross-country course!

A friendly event with a great atmosphere where finishing times don’t matter. The aim is simple: clock up as many kilometres as possible to win the race for donations! Find details of the course below…

A 4.5km loop…

[LA MONTÉE DES ÉCOLES] There’s nothing better than a good climb to get those legs going after the start! Half of the total climb is found in this section… World Cup athletes do the climb at 20 km an hour. Will you be as fast?

[LE DUAL] This part of the course showed its stuff during Crankworx and the last World Cups. Two riders side by side on bumps and steep turns make it super fun!

[LA PASSERELLE] Created for the Cross-Country race at the last MTB World Cup, this footbridge gives the course its figure-of-eight shape.

[LA MOUILLE] This part of the course, located on the edge of the forest, is specific to Alambike and has a few technically challenging surprises in store. Not to be underestimated…

Alambike, Les Gets

… elevation gain of 150m!

[LA VIEILLE PASSERELLE] After riding downhill over a few big roots, remember to brake so you don’t miss the old footbridge used during races in the 1990s…

[LE SOUS-BOIS] A nod to Roc d’Azur: the course takes you through a sand section before diving into some flat woodland. Great in the dark with a head torch. On exiting, you return under the footbridge.

[LA 4X] One of Les Gets’ iconic sections, with its nine banked turns, enabling participants to return down to the village. If you want to put on a show in front of your mates who’ve stayed on a terrace, this is the place to do it!

Alambike, Les Gets

Ready for another go?!

[LES STANDS] Not tired? OK, then just keep going…. Otherwise, handing over to your team mates takes place in the stands at the heart of the Alambike event!

[LE PORCHE] THIS is the spot that made the Ebouelle Contest and Wetzayers famous! But this time, it will not be on skis but on bikes that participants will pass under the porch of Les Gets town hall…

[LE CENTRE] After passing in front of the stage, take advantage of the main street to recuperate a little, it’s the only “flat section” of the course. All of the crowds throughout the village will lift your spirits, before you set off for another go!

Alambike, Les Gets