Youth Challenge

Youth Challenge
what’s about?

Teens will not be set aside during the Alambike! Alternatively to the 24-hour MTB relay (from 16), the “Youth Challenge“ intended for 12/17 year olds, is a 3-hour relay for teams of 4 to 6 participants on an imposed course of approximately 3.5 km. Be strong, only muscular MTB are allowed (no electric)! Cover as many kilometers as possible to increase the donations amount for the association “Bich’Rett 74”, refunded at the end of the event. Be fun, be fair, be friendly and challenge yourself and your team to be rewarded! It’s definitely more important than just racing.

  • Teams of 4 to 6 participants, for teens aged 12 to 17 (with required parental permission, see regulations)
  • Registration fees / 20€ per person including participation in the event, refreshments and an Alambike gift! Payment only on site on d-day
  • A deposit of 50€ per team will be additionally requested at the reception of the event, for the supply of the counting bracelet (will be returned at the end of the event in exchange of the bracelet)

How to register ?

Fill in the form below for all your team and leader. To be valid, a team must include at least 4 teens (maximum 6).

  • After filling form on website, organizers will contact your team leader to finalize registration


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    Having trouble registering or want more information about the event? Do not hesitate to contact us !